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UglyCSA logos
UglyCSA Instagram Story Teaser


Brand Refresh

The UglyCSA is a program of 412 Food Rescue that creates new markets for previously unsellable produce benefiting local farmers and preserving the resources that went into food production.


As the 2020 UglyCSA season approached, I chose to to refresh and rebrand the existing marketing theme and materials. I kept the standard stock images of the vegetables the same as they were what was passed down to me when I began working at 412 Food Rescue, thus maintaining the recognizability and brand presence that was already cultivated over the years.


My approach to each vegetable and logo pairing was similar to creating a “cast of characters,” color coordinating each pair while updating the taglines associated with each one.


Once each logo pairing was complete, I created a fun series of Instagram stories to excite our audience.  Also included in this collection is an informational flyer as well as selected edited photos from the 2019 season.


Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Canva

Year: 2020

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